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There is no substitute for hard work. - T.A. Edison


My Story


Allison Persad is the principal of The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria in Queens, NY and advises people and organizations on how to create innovative, creative and educationally rich environments.

Allison is a mother, wife and lead learner.  She has been an adjunct professor, coach and presently principal of an all-girls public school in New York City.  As a child of immigrants, and the first in her family to attend and complete college, the work of teachers as heroes, and schools as a home lives close to her heart. Allison sees her role in implementing a shared technology vision in her school as similar to a motherboard: She offers agency and creative freedom to her teachers, students, and staff. She has focused on closing the gender gap for women in STEM and has built systematic and sustainable structures throughout her community. 

Building Robot


"The most dangerous experiment we can conduct with our children is to keep schooling the same when every other aspect of our society is dramatically changing." Professor Dede, Harvard GSE


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Work Smart.


Team building, budget, procurement, hiring, evaluation, data systems.

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tech leadership

Embedding technology leadership into every layer. 

Diversity, equity, inclusivity 

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. 


Individual, team, organization, district. Contact for personalized plans. 

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