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Allison shares her story with diverse audiences nationally and internationally. As a young woman leader of color, growing up as first in her family to attend college, her story from Queens, NY to doctoral research and leading an all girls 6-12 school in Astoria NY, urges us to cultivate trust and start with yourself.  She explores her own errors, and the  experience of  the true path to innovation, con­nection, and authenticity. Allison shows how a meager beginning does not determine your final destination. In her enlightening, relatable, and real talks, Allison shows us that trust, like energy can be destroyed or created and work in ways that are crucial to the success of a collaborative and innovative organization.

Allison is able to share her journey with:




in person or virtual engagements. 

Email: for inquires 

Education Leadership Summit, KY 2022

Allison had the opportunity to participate in a NASSP School Leader Panel, to share with school organizations across the U.S. real issues in schools today. 


KeyNote Speaker, Missouri 2022 

In this keynote, Allison  moves past the edu-jargon and focuses on the challenge of change and the ripeness of innovation.  Using a simple approach that finds the intersection of creativity, communication, planning and perseverance can impact large scale change, Allison takes us along on the journey that has transformed her own life personally and professionally.

image000001_edited.jpg + Argentina, South America 2021 (virtual)

Everyone in the field of education wants to be a part of the next phase ---- currently facing economic challenges, political challenges,  financial struggles in a post pandemic climate. You have ideas but you don’t know where to start. Allison shares her experiences as a tech-novative Apple Distinguished School- through the failures and the wins. 

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 4.53.56 PM.png


You have a natural charisma and authenticity that people need to experience.know your message resonated with many in the room.  So how we need to instill trust back into our schools.  Three words we need to hear more of in education, “I TRUST YOU.” You have a solid message with timely points that leaders need to hear. - Clarke Mershon, Executive Director of MOASSP


Some people come into your life and make a forever impact. So honored to know and learn daily from this amazing world changer! You knocked it out of the park today with your closing keynote.

BETH HOUF / 15 YR Principal  / National Principal of the Year '22

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